Participants Perspective of The Perfect Endurance Event

In today’s tough environment and crowded event calendar being mediocre means being out of the event production business. Race director’s (RDs) and event producers need to distinguish themselves and their events from new and competing events. As our economy has slowed so has discretionary spending on items like entertainment, dining out, and other non-essentials. In order to retain an event’s participants and to attract new ones the race director must put the participant’s race experience to the top of the priority list.Event Production - We are a one-stop-shop for all your event needs.

Race day is a chaotic 舞台製作 time for its participants: nerves, anticipation, excitement – the moment of truth. Preparation starts in advance of the event when important information is made available and accurate on the event website and event /athlete guide. The flow of an event is dictated by the RD and details like start time and preparing the course so it is clearly marked are products of the event management. A clear pre-start meeting sets the tone for the start of the event. There is never an excuse not to have enough nutrition, water, and any other amenities required on the course to make it safe and comfortable. Having enough porta-potties is also an important detail to everyone that attends the event and is sometimes over-looked.

Perceived value is important to many event participants. A good post-race party with food, overall winner and age group awards makes for a memorable close to an event. A finishers meddle is also a nice touch and many event participants seek these out and collect them. Participants don’t mind paying a bit more for an event if there is value – no one likes to over-pay or feel short changed.

Scheduling an event is always difficult. It is important to consider what events are already scheduled on that date and if there any any other considerations like holidays.

Participants expect the course they have been training for is the distance it should be. Having the course certified assures that attention has been made to making sure this is accurate. Many courses attraction is that they qualify for other events like the Boston Marathon, Nationals or Kona.

Is the course a challenge? What aspects of the course make it special? The location of the event adds to the allure. Beautiful scenery, a monster hill, even a location like Death Valley are all considerations.

Having a nice set of pictures to review after the race is always something I look forward to. Recently it has been popular to also have some video footage of the finish. While not every participant buys a photo there is always an expectation that the service is available. I also think it is a nice touch for the event producer to showcase the success of its participants.

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