Why Leather Jackets Are More Popular Than Cotton Jackets

It is a very popular saying that the first impression is the last impression and many agree with it. What else can create a better impression than good clothes? Clothes not only define a person’s style statement but his or her personality as well. If a person wears stylish clothes he or she is admired by peers and has a standard which everyone is in awe of. Clothes which are fashionable as  Jacket NYC well as functional are extremely hard to come across. However jackets have sustained to remain in fashion through ages specially leather jackets.Men Leather Jackets - Buy Leather Jackets For Men Online | Myntra

Leather jackets are much more durable, easy to maintain and it never fails to give a cool look. The history of leather blazers started from 1940’s when military officials and aviators wore brown colored leather blazers popularly known as bomber jackets. These bomber jackets gained tremendous popularity after Harrison Ford carried them effortlessly and stylishly in Indiana Jones.

Leather blazers are typically associated with bikers, rock stars, aviators or police officers. But now days the trend has immensely changed. Youngsters prefer wearing leather jackets over cotton jackets because cotton jackets not only lack style but also look very much casual. Cotton jackets also require high maintenance which people generally do not have time for.

Although cotton jackets come in various colors in comparison to leather jacket’s browns and blacks, this becomes as a negative point for cotton jackets. Black and brown leather blazers can go with almost every other color and still look chic. Whereas for cotton jackets you will have to buy every color in order to match it with rest of your clothes.

Men and women tend to dress to impress. Men wear leather jacket because it gives them a rough and tougher look which comparatively attracts the opposite sex. Women leather jackets always look chic, while cotton jackets usually give both the sexes a shabby look. Leather blazers for both sexes are available in various styles while cotton jackets do not have much variety. Cotton jackets also started to lose popularity because they cannot be worn throughout the year while leather blazers can be easily worn in all seasons.

People immensely follow film stars. This is also one of the main reasons of leather blazers popularity because they have been greatly famous amongst stars. Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the leading actors in Hollywood wore Leather jackets in the film The Terminator and set a trend amongst many to be dressed in them. Same happened when the film The Matrix released because the lead actors in the film wore leather blazers. Not only leather jackets are popular amongst film stars but they are also popular amongst singers all over the world.

People throughout ages have always followed fashion let it be bell bottoms, straight pants, low cuts, hats or any color or pattern of the garment, they never hesitate to pursue. Similarly leather jackets have become a major part of fashion industry which has engulfed people to wear them and flaunt them with pride.

Leather seems to be one of those pieces of clothing that you own that can be one of the most difficult items to clean. So when you go out and spend over $100 on a nice leather jacket, you don’t want to destroy it by cleaning it the wrong way. When you decide you want to own a leather jacket be prepared to do anything to keep it in tip top shape.

When a little touch up needs to be done to your leather jacket taking it to the cleaners can be quite frustrating. So instead just find a cloth that is very gentle to the touch and a spray cleaner that doesn’t contain chemical substances and wipe your jacket down. This will help in getting all the dust off of the jackets outer surface.

Everyone drips stuff on their clothing every once and a while, but it can be more difficult to get drippings off of a leather jacket then it is to get out of a cotton shirt. If you notice that you’ve dripped something on to the leather jacket quickly remove the substance with a gentle brush and then clean the surface with a mild soap and warm water.

Some things that you should avoid using on your leather jacket are any waxes, silicones, and any leather preparations. Also avoid cleaning the jacket with anything that contains an alcohol substance, turpentine substance, or mineral spirits as these can severely destroy the leather jacket.

Leather jackets can be a true priced possession for any motorcyclist and taking care of your leather jacket should be done just as much as you take care of your motorcycle. If you feel there is something you can handle on your own, don’t try. Take your leather jacket to someone who can do it without chancing your leather jacket from being destroyed.



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